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Maya's Connecting Flight: A Journey Home to One's True Self

Travel with Maya as a chance encounter leads to a heartfelt conversation between two old friends. A journey home in knowing one’s true self, understanding relationships, ending suffering, and answering the big question of the purpose of life.

An opportunity for personal transformation and empowerment. Every one of us can incorporate wisdom from this story immediately into our lives to understand who we truly are and to be our best self in all of our relationships and experiences.

“A brilliant story-telling approach to understanding one’s true self.” David Robert Ord, author of Lessons on Loving in The Little Prince and other books

“Maya's Connecting Flight holds honest truths about your relationships with others and, most importantly, yourself. It will continue to shift your perspective with each read.” Ashley-Ann Pereira, Author and Co-founder of The Studio Press

Available on Amazon.

Heartfelt: A Journey of Self Transformation

H​eartfelt is a memoir of strength and resilience reflected in a woman’s journey of self-​transformation. Romila shares not only her struggles but experiences we can all relate to on this roller coaster ride of life. Despite a comfortable life and success in her corporate career, she was dissatisfied and from an early age felt that something was missing. Sri Sathya Sai Baba became her teacher and guide, without ever being in His physical presence. She learned how to cross the ocean of life in a way that proved meaningful and fulfilling. As she shares the ups and downs of her journey, this book will help you understand the deep truth about your life that’s hidden in the game of hide and seek you’re playing with the universe.

Available on Amazon and Apple Books.

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