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Mindfulness and Meditation Programs

IVY offers multiple workshops and sessions to meet your needs. All offerings below can be customized to create a program that works best for you. 

Mindfulness and Meditation Basics

1:1 Meditation

Everyday Mindfulness 

Optimal Wellness

Inner View to Success

Mindful Leader 


Meditation is the formal practice of mindfulness. It's a practice that uses one or more techniques to train the mind to achieve a clear and emotionally calm state of mind.

"Meditation literally rebuilds the brain's grey matter in 8 weeks" - Harvard study

Benefits of Meditation:

- Improves Productivity

- Increases Self-Confidence

- Reduces Stress, Anxiety & Depression

- Increases Creativity

- Enhances Self-Awareness

- Improves Memory and Concentration

- Generates Compassion and Kindness

- Improves Sleep

- Encourages a healthy lifestyle

- Increases Happiness

- Benefits cardiovascular and immune health

- Slows aging

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